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This is a script to easily upload emoji packs to Matrix rooms for MSC2545.

usage: [-h] -l DIRECTORY [-n NAME] [-d TEXT] [-c IMAGE] -i INSTANCE -t TOKEN -r ROOMID

required options:

-i is the domain of the homeserver you use, for example
-t is your user-token. currently login is not supported, so grab the token using inspect-element on your Element client
-r is the ID (not alias) of the room. if you use bash make sure you escape the ! like \! or it won't work and you won't be able to use the up-arrow to edit the command because... bash
-l is the directory where the emojis are. if there are non-emoji files in said directory, they'll be uploaded too, so be careful :p

optional options:

-n is the name of the pack (used for state_key). highly recommended to specify this
-d is the description of the pack. recommended to specify this, defaults to name if not set
-c is the cover-image of the pack. specify the location on the filesystem (using an emoji name won't work)

Warning: If uploading without a packname, you'll overwrite previously-uploaded emojis without a packname in the same room. If uploading with a packname, you'll overwrite the previous emoji pack with that packname.

Feel free to contact the maintainer on Matrix, or join the Matrix room for the project (there are lots of emojis there, uwu!).